Karmen ŞİRİN


She was born in Istanbul in 1979, completed her primary and secondary education with  scholarship in private schools and graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Art History.

She started her career in export business development field in 2002 and added import purchasing and customs operations skills to her professional experience as of 2008.

She is experienced in the fields of textile, hardware, machinery, electronic products and food industry for 18 years and had major responsibilities in both project-based and continuous business activities of global brands. She speaks English at the instructor level and moderate Italian. Currently, she continues to her efforts for small and medium sized enterprises and corporate firms to export their product portfolio and to make their import purchases by reaching the required producers as stated below:

  • Creating an export customer portfolio by finding new clients from abroad for manufacturers in every industry
  • Global purchasing activities in line with the needs of importer companies and expanding their product portfolio by establishing exclusive distributorships
  • Operating the importer’s customs cleareance, according to current regulation, including transport process in global purchasing activities
  • Guidance for manufacturers and importers that need corporate communication support to evolve them to value added brands

She has NLP Practitioner and EFT certificates.