Laser Guided Cloud Penetrating Satellites

Unfortunately, nature serving humans is rewarded with betrayal. Humans have begun to disrupt the balance of nature from space. Satellites eliminate all elements that negatively affect data sharing. For faster communication, satellites penetrate the clouds in front of them. Unfortunately, the ecological balances will be negatively affected by clouds, lightning and rain that are exposed to untimely interaction.

Cloud punctures have been implemented consciously since 2021. They are seen only as a factor in front of communication. This application was needed to provide faster interaction. Satellites penetrating the clouds not only open their own paths, but also reveal a lot of new information about the planet Earth.

Drilling with the laser system opens space by piercing the clouds containing dense gas each time. Drilling and firing continues until enough space is opened. In this way, the hydrogen gas formed in the clouds can leave the molecular clouds and discharge into the air space from a much greater distance to the earth.

Each laser interaction interacts with the clouds at a speed of 700 km per second and travels 1500 times faster than sound. It should not be forgotten that this laser heat, which is only applied to clouds for now, actually contains iron atoms.

Laser beams sprayed into space by satellites do not only penetrate clouds. At the same time, these traces travel millions of kilometers in space, perhaps causing damage through interactions whose consequences are currently unknown.

In order to increase long-distance information transfer and efficiency, scientists want to reduce the radio communication speed and communication cost with this technology. Current laser systems do not have enough energy in terms of power. In this state, its effect on fog and rain clouds cannot be at the desired level.

The denser the clouds, the more difficult it will be to permeate.

These studies, which are still at an early stage, will be more effective in the coming years. It does not seem possible to stop these efforts. Communication is very important and indispensable for humans. Human beings even risk destroying their own living space for communication and speed of communication.

When laser drilling started from the ground to space years ago in the 2000s, scientists were of the opinion that this work was against human nature but necessary for technology. Today, the extent of the danger has been revealed by the climate changes. The fact that we now experience summer and winter instead of four seasons may be due to the fact that laser technology is used more frequently.

Laser doesn’t just pierce clouds. At the end of the laser pulse, air molecules densely cover the high area. This coating creates cloud discharge by focusing the laser beam’s electrons.

For now, there is no regulation that covers the benefits and harms of these studies, but this technology, which is known and used to reach everywhere, is the most dangerous step that humans can do to nature.

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