Türksat 6A, the first communication satellite of Turkish engineers, took off to begin its mission in space and was launched into orbit from the Kennedy Space Center in the USA. Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır stated that this was a historical moment at the ceremony held at Türksat’s Gölbaşı campus. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “We have entered a new phase in satellite production with Türksat 6A.” Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that the first signal was received successfully. Congratulations to Ctech, Türksat General Manager Hasan Hüseyin Ertok, all our TUYAD corporate members and our country.


We recently hosted Dimacred Business Development Manager Ferdi Arslan in our office. We evaluated the working opportunities at the solution partnership level between him, Dimacred and our Members, and the business models we will benefit from. We would like to thank Ferdi Arslan very much for his visit.
Founded in 1979, Dimacred is an organization that offers high reliability electronic components to the European market. Representing companies such as Anatech Electronics, Spacemicro, Oce Technology, Johanson Technology, Melexis, Cissoid, along with component supply; It works with many defense industry, communications and automotive companies in Turkey by providing services such as design and technical application support.

Laser Guided Cloud Penetrating Satellites

Unfortunately, nature serving humans is rewarded with betrayal. Humans have begun to disrupt the balance of nature from space. Satellites eliminate all elements that negatively affect data sharing. For faster communication, satellites penetrate the clouds in front of them. Unfortunately, the ecological balances will be negatively affected by clouds, lightning and rain that are exposed to untimely interaction.

Cloud punctures have been implemented consciously since 2021. They are seen only as a factor in front of communication. This application was needed to provide faster interaction. Satellites penetrating the clouds not only open their own paths, but also reveal a lot of new information about the planet Earth.

Drilling with the laser system opens space by piercing the clouds containing dense gas each time. Drilling and firing continues until enough space is opened. In this way, the hydrogen gas formed in the clouds can leave the molecular clouds and discharge into the air space from a much greater distance to the earth.

Each laser interaction interacts with the clouds at a speed of 700 km per second and travels 1500 times faster than sound. It should not be forgotten that this laser heat, which is only applied to clouds for now, actually contains iron atoms.

Laser beams sprayed into space by satellites do not only penetrate clouds. At the same time, these traces travel millions of kilometers in space, perhaps causing damage through interactions whose consequences are currently unknown.

In order to increase long-distance information transfer and efficiency, scientists want to reduce the radio communication speed and communication cost with this technology. Current laser systems do not have enough energy in terms of power. In this state, its effect on fog and rain clouds cannot be at the desired level.

The denser the clouds, the more difficult it will be to permeate.

These studies, which are still at an early stage, will be more effective in the coming years. It does not seem possible to stop these efforts. Communication is very important and indispensable for humans. Human beings even risk destroying their own living space for communication and speed of communication.

When laser drilling started from the ground to space years ago in the 2000s, scientists were of the opinion that this work was against human nature but necessary for technology. Today, the extent of the danger has been revealed by the climate changes. The fact that we now experience summer and winter instead of four seasons may be due to the fact that laser technology is used more frequently.

Laser doesn’t just pierce clouds. At the end of the laser pulse, air molecules densely cover the high area. This coating creates cloud discharge by focusing the laser beam’s electrons.

For now, there is no regulation that covers the benefits and harms of these studies, but this technology, which is known and used to reach everywhere, is the most dangerous step that humans can do to nature.

Hayrettin Özaydın

Don’t miss the advantages of the “Finance City” established in Istanbul Atasehir!

There are incentives, discounts and tax exemptions for businesses that will be located in Istanbul Finance Center!

Hong Kong, Dubai… Now it’s Istanbul’s turn!

IFC will be governed by the world’s most liberalized trade policies for trade in goods and services, characterized by free trade and low taxation. Now, instead of Dubai, the freest market economy will be in Atasehir.

The paradise of traders is established in the most precious district of our world-famous city of Istanbul, in our country where the Middle East breathes. IFC will make a big difference in terms of our employees with cultural, social, geographical and economic, high-quality workforce and foreign language knowledge. We will be a center of attraction with our international business environment, our EU Customs Union Agreement and our proximity to Europe. While the focus of foreign investors is gas and oil, the Middle East market will be seen very close from Turkey.

When the incentives given by our state to the investors are added to all these advantages, an unmissable opportunity will emerge. The center of trade will now be Turkey, not China or Dubai, for many reasons.

IFC will be an ideal base for new and existing products and services to enter the market. These features will also enable investors to acquire partnerships and companies in Turkey. Opportunities will continue to multiply, don’t be late! Make your product and service understandable and win.

Hong Kong remains the second largest recipient of foreign direct investment in Asia and the third largest in the world.

Some of the advantages of companies in IFC are; incentives, grants, exemptions, full government support, income tax exemption, corporate tax exemption, easy and practical company establishment, obtaining the right of residence quickly, easy and fast online money transfer due to the advanced banking system, mutual tax exemption and agreement. In addition, some of the advantages are that you can make more profitable sales by strengthening your company’s brand image, and that there is no obligation to keep commercial accounts and books in Turkish.

In the Istanbul Finance Center, companies engaged in financial activities by obtaining the IFC Participation Certificate will be able to benefit from tax-free activities in the form of exporting commercial products, services and financial services.

The Presidency Finance Office was authorized to obtain the opportunity and participant certificates at IFC, which will be put into service in September. You can reach us via e-mail for all kinds of services and questions.

Financial services provided by financial institutions to people living abroad by obtaining a participant certificate will be considered as financial service exports, provided that the service is ultimately utilized abroad.

Turkey offers opportunities that are not available anywhere else, to the international capital operating in the financial sector, to companies trading in products and services, to finance workers and financial technology with IFC.

In the field of law, a unique service is offered in that investors can choose the legal rules of the countries they wish.

 The fact that Hong Kong, Dubai, London or New York are the financial centers of their countries is the legal and economic power of their countries with the qualified manpower, education system, transportation and information infrastructure of these cities. Turkey offers more than all financial centers and is in a very advantageous position.

Istanbul will be a tax haven and a hub of transfer.

 The most important indication that IFC will become a global finance brand is the fact that the transmission origin, which is the most obvious in the rules, is not sought and is exempt from tax. While inquiries and tax rates in money transfers are daunting all over the world, this situation will make our country unique in this regard.

Istanbul is at the junction of not only Turkey but also civilizations, and for that reason alone, it is a center of attraction for investors.

Istanbul Financial Center IFC is a financial paradise that can respond to changing global and regional needs, with a central location like Ataşehir, young, dynamic but unemployed youth of our country and qualified human resources.

The vision of the IFC-Istanbul Project, which will contribute to making Turkey’s financial infrastructure more efficient, is to create a global and regional sustainable financial environment and to contribute greatly to employment. Don’t be late to capitalize on the project and understand workforce transformation.

Best Regards

Hayrettin ÖZAYDIN

Hedef Koc Consulting

Chairman of the Board

We provide service with our expert staff for all your needs from company establishment to promotion.

It could be your META Luck or Nightmare!?

It could be your META Luck or Nightmare!?
April 7, 2022/in forum /by Hayrettin Özaydın
Your META Data warehouse can be a risky investment.

You have to be very careful when choosing your platform. Which metaverse will yield greater returns? Real estate or commodity money Which will be more efficient? Or will your investments be kept safe?

Metaverse land and crypto are just some of the ways future tech enthusiasts are investing in the next digital frontier. It should be kept in mind that there are much more risks when investing.

An entity that can access all your data, that is, share all your passwords. How can you trust META, which is only in the management of a company, when you do not fully trust even your family?

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger are all under the control of a single company, and the personal data of their users are even more at risk, especially through social networks.

And unfortunately, meta hacker robots, which are not talked about much today, will put our lives in permanent risks. Meta-cracking robots that could be our never-ending nightmare.

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft all rely on and support network effects. The reason is that they are project partners. Do not forget that the most valuable asset for all of them is the virtual world, the easiest way for them to enter us for data.

Meta stocks, like crypto, are a big rent door. However, it should be well known which medium works correctly. Buying metaverses with just ads will put many investors in trouble.

In the coming years, META, which will concern at least one out of every ten people very soon, will take life and earnings to very different dimensions.

META, which is a game, object and investment all in one, can actually be called the touch of the virtual world to human life.

If you want your rights to be protected, do not take part in any META whose regulation is not in your country, the data center is not in your country, and the tax is not paid in your country.

We are constantly seeking innovation, but are we ready? no one asks!

The biggest problem of technology is the result of undesired, continuous renewal and involuntary growth.

Telecommunication Services Market and IP TV, Internet Telephony services and E-commerce Trends, Future Growth and Forecasts cannot be made.

However, the market is always moving in the direction of the highest level of technology. No one asks if we are prepared, while we are always chasing the newest, laws and regulations follow us.

The segment that is ready for this socially and economically is very limited, but renewal and consumption continue without slowing down.

While technological innovations continue to gain momentum, the payoffs of technologies that will continue to be important and redefine the new normal are not questioned.

We have already started talking about 6G, before the infrastructure and superstructure works of 5G and the adaptation processes of the devices are completed. This brings to mind that we do not use technology economically. The constantly renewed technology keeps the market vigorous, but no one asks if tradesmen, consumers and regulation are ready.

6G Equipment has begun to be designed, while even Tube Televisions are creating a market share in our country, the advantages and disadvantages of 6G should be investigated economically.

The growing economy of G will force network operators to increase their investment in infrastructure. In our country, fiber infrastructure is still not even at a medium level. An increase in G- will mean a simultaneous increase in virtualization. It does not seem very possible for the consumer to reach conscious seller solutions in a short time.

It is also taken into account that the tradesmen cannot receive the appropriate training even for the existing electronic products and cannot be the personnel trained from below.

Many companies around the world may have advanced virtual technology capabilities, but we should try to use the technologies we have in a variety of ways like the model applied in America. The constant supply of the latest technology and equipment means that our country’s national existence is also garbage, which also means that consumption forces the economy.

Satellite broadband and IoT networks should be developed at the highest level without underestimating, and should be offered as a service to the state as a social project. Conscious use regulations should be implemented so that new technologies do not mean continuous growth and continuous consumption.

Providing satellite-based IoT solutions to the service of the industry and concurrent training to the industry by subject matter experts should be continuous through NGOs and Chambers.

The limits of internet-based television and phone calls and video sharing are still not clear, and they are always trying to be regulated later with criminal sanctions. It would be much wiser for the entire industry and consumers to keep the principles of implementation at an applicable level instead of punishment.

In summary, we love technology and innovations, yes, and we get used to it quickly, but we can’t get full-fledged training for the new. Ensuring the protection of the place of use instead of removing the old one completely will support our country’s Gross National Product economically. The technology to be used must first be well understood by the service providers.

The technology giant America, which the world takes as an example, still uses 110 volts of electricity and 2G technology is widespread and trams serve on the roads.

Hayrettin Özaydın

Elon Musk’s claim that TUYAD President Hayrettin Ozaydin refuted!

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX companies, made an important announcement the previous day and reported that he activated the Starlink satellite internet service for Ukraine. But in reality it is not possible to get this service for Ukrainians.

Internet service to individuals from near-orbit satellites is only possible if there are ground stations, data centers and data transit bases in the relevant country and if they are connected to the Internet big data network.

Although the SPX cube satellites have formed a network, the covering capacities that exist within the satellites are not in a position to meet the capacity used in the transmission of the data. In other words, even if internet is provided via these satellites, sufficient capacity will not be created for individuals.

The internet, which is announced to be given to currently used mobile phones, must have a modem application that the mobile phone can detect. However, assuming that the mobile phones used do not have this modem or modem application, direct mobile contact with the satellite is not possible.

In order to ensure the consumption of broadband internet in the fixed subscriber, the special antenna that can receive broadcasts from the satellite and the equipment connected to it must have the converter feature.

SPX can provide images and videos via orbital satellites close to the region, support by sharing pictures and videos taken from 50 cm close, and transfer the images it collects to simple handheld terminals every 3 hours. In other words, near-orbit satellites are ready for image transmission.

Uninterrupted internet can be provided by far-orbit satellites and equipment, but it is impossible for near-orbit satellites to provide broadband speed internet to society at all times, as Elon Musk claims.

Hayrettin Ozaydin