Don’t miss the advantages of the “Finance City” established in Istanbul Atasehir!

There are incentives, discounts and tax exemptions for businesses that will be located in Istanbul Finance Center!

Hong Kong, Dubai… Now it’s Istanbul’s turn!

IFC will be governed by the world’s most liberalized trade policies for trade in goods and services, characterized by free trade and low taxation. Now, instead of Dubai, the freest market economy will be in Atasehir.

The paradise of traders is established in the most precious district of our world-famous city of Istanbul, in our country where the Middle East breathes. IFC will make a big difference in terms of our employees with cultural, social, geographical and economic, high-quality workforce and foreign language knowledge. We will be a center of attraction with our international business environment, our EU Customs Union Agreement and our proximity to Europe. While the focus of foreign investors is gas and oil, the Middle East market will be seen very close from Turkey.

When the incentives given by our state to the investors are added to all these advantages, an unmissable opportunity will emerge. The center of trade will now be Turkey, not China or Dubai, for many reasons.

IFC will be an ideal base for new and existing products and services to enter the market. These features will also enable investors to acquire partnerships and companies in Turkey. Opportunities will continue to multiply, don’t be late! Make your product and service understandable and win.

Hong Kong remains the second largest recipient of foreign direct investment in Asia and the third largest in the world.

Some of the advantages of companies in IFC are; incentives, grants, exemptions, full government support, income tax exemption, corporate tax exemption, easy and practical company establishment, obtaining the right of residence quickly, easy and fast online money transfer due to the advanced banking system, mutual tax exemption and agreement. In addition, some of the advantages are that you can make more profitable sales by strengthening your company’s brand image, and that there is no obligation to keep commercial accounts and books in Turkish.

In the Istanbul Finance Center, companies engaged in financial activities by obtaining the IFC Participation Certificate will be able to benefit from tax-free activities in the form of exporting commercial products, services and financial services.

The Presidency Finance Office was authorized to obtain the opportunity and participant certificates at IFC, which will be put into service in September. You can reach us via e-mail for all kinds of services and questions.

Financial services provided by financial institutions to people living abroad by obtaining a participant certificate will be considered as financial service exports, provided that the service is ultimately utilized abroad.

Turkey offers opportunities that are not available anywhere else, to the international capital operating in the financial sector, to companies trading in products and services, to finance workers and financial technology with IFC.

In the field of law, a unique service is offered in that investors can choose the legal rules of the countries they wish.

 The fact that Hong Kong, Dubai, London or New York are the financial centers of their countries is the legal and economic power of their countries with the qualified manpower, education system, transportation and information infrastructure of these cities. Turkey offers more than all financial centers and is in a very advantageous position.

Istanbul will be a tax haven and a hub of transfer.

 The most important indication that IFC will become a global finance brand is the fact that the transmission origin, which is the most obvious in the rules, is not sought and is exempt from tax. While inquiries and tax rates in money transfers are daunting all over the world, this situation will make our country unique in this regard.

Istanbul is at the junction of not only Turkey but also civilizations, and for that reason alone, it is a center of attraction for investors.

Istanbul Financial Center IFC is a financial paradise that can respond to changing global and regional needs, with a central location like Ataşehir, young, dynamic but unemployed youth of our country and qualified human resources.

The vision of the IFC-Istanbul Project, which will contribute to making Turkey’s financial infrastructure more efficient, is to create a global and regional sustainable financial environment and to contribute greatly to employment. Don’t be late to capitalize on the project and understand workforce transformation.

Best Regards

Hayrettin ÖZAYDIN

Hedef Koc Consulting

Chairman of the Board

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