Elon Musk’s claim that TUYAD President Hayrettin Ozaydin refuted!

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX companies, made an important announcement the previous day and reported that he activated the Starlink satellite internet service for Ukraine. But in reality it is not possible to get this service for Ukrainians.

Internet service to individuals from near-orbit satellites is only possible if there are ground stations, data centers and data transit bases in the relevant country and if they are connected to the Internet big data network.

Although the SPX cube satellites have formed a network, the covering capacities that exist within the satellites are not in a position to meet the capacity used in the transmission of the data. In other words, even if internet is provided via these satellites, sufficient capacity will not be created for individuals.

The internet, which is announced to be given to currently used mobile phones, must have a modem application that the mobile phone can detect. However, assuming that the mobile phones used do not have this modem or modem application, direct mobile contact with the satellite is not possible.

In order to ensure the consumption of broadband internet in the fixed subscriber, the special antenna that can receive broadcasts from the satellite and the equipment connected to it must have the converter feature.

SPX can provide images and videos via orbital satellites close to the region, support by sharing pictures and videos taken from 50 cm close, and transfer the images it collects to simple handheld terminals every 3 hours. In other words, near-orbit satellites are ready for image transmission.

Uninterrupted internet can be provided by far-orbit satellites and equipment, but it is impossible for near-orbit satellites to provide broadband speed internet to society at all times, as Elon Musk claims.

Hayrettin Ozaydin