Always Republic, Always IT

We are excited to celebrate Turkey’s 100th anniversary. We have been living independently since October 19, 1923. We will say “Always Republic” and continue to commemorate those who brought this value.

The management style of the countries will be a pioneer in development. Atatürk and his comrades took political steps and convened the parliament after the War of Independence, making politics now a topic of discussion. For integration with the world and development, democracy is of great importance in our private and business lives. The more we observe underdeveloped civilizations, the more we understand the value of our republic and democracy.

Information technologies are the locomotive of our electronics industry. When an electronic product meets informatics, it proves its quality. Informatics is the art of combining the applicability of science with technique. A more successful Turkey will be possible by processing more information and delivering this processed information to more areas.

Countries with rising levels of civilization are those that work in the light of knowledge.

The sale of expensive products in product and service exports is possible by decreasing the weight and increasing the invoice. Producing and selling more technological products and services will mean more prosperity for those who produce them. Achieving a more advanced level of civilization can only be achieved by increasing per capita income and, accordingly, increasing our level of welfare.

Our job is to ensure sustainable sustainable growth in the electronics industry. For this purpose, we always try to make our TUYAD Association members aware of the latest technological trends. We demand and wish that public institutions improve their orientation through NGOs. Specialized institutions will also provide specialization in the development of the private sector. For this purpose, we strive to report our foreign market experiences.

Success will be achieved by developing social awareness towards civilization. It is not enough to just manufacture many products or produce and sell services and earn income. At the same time, it is necessary not to give up on a sustainable ecosystem.

We should also follow Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s environmental awareness, who said, “As long as we protect nature, it protects us.”

There are only a few days left until October 29, 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. I would like to thank the BT Haber team for this beautiful work and wish the great Turkish nation to live proudly with the light of Atatürk for many more 100 years.


Hayrettin Özaydın

TUYAD President