Satellites are also very important for the defense industry.

Turkey is at a point we can be proud of in Defense Industry studies. Apart from war products, intelligence is also of great importance for both special forces and the Turkish Armed Forces. Intelligence is carried out in the fastest, safest and most economical way thanks to satellites.

We saw at the IDEF’23 defense fair that the production and development of so many domestic defense vehicles and weapons in our country in a miraculously short period of time is a great success.

The Defense Industry’s standard products need all kinds of satellites with eco-components. Among the satellite diversity, the most economical satellites for defense and intelligence are close orbit satellites.

Maxar, which you see in the image, also provides the opportunity to plan the near-orbit satellite business from many different angles. It has many duties, especially in the transportation and settlement of constellation satellites. It is expected that the Defense Industry will realize this technology in a short time and create an environment to use it more.

In our new defense plans, constellation satellite logic and intelligence methods should be preferred over low-orbit aircraft. This will enable quicker access to more remote areas and make these economical studies more widespread.

Considering the fact that the Defense Industry will achieve much more success with more intelligence information, it is an indisputable fact that intelligence will be achieved by obtaining and processing audio and video in the best and fastest way.

Therefore, close orbit satellites will fulfill this function without any limits.

It is not difficult to access photos and videos taken from a 60 cm distance focus when viewed from space with Leo satellites. The satellite logic of constellations designed for high-resolution world imaging has become a solution alternative for many countries.

This data, which reaches intelligence centers from satellite ground stations via broadband networks, can be processed very quickly.

The market share of Leo satellites for the defense industry is increasing rapidly day by day. Although medium and far orbit satellites have a very long and costly process from design to commissioning, close orbit Leo satellites are much more economical to own. Of course, its functions are very different, but it is accepted by the world’s military intelligence that it is an efficient tool for intelligence.

There is an ecosystem of close-orbit Leo satellites that I am sure will be very active on the civil and military side. It should be included.