Turkey in the New Generation Satellites Market

Even satellites now serve the end user and new markets have been created. Easier management of satellite communications, function, and mission with near-orbit satellites has enabled individuals to access the satellite. This situation caused many companies working in the electronics industry to shift their attention and commercial tendencies in this direction.

Turkey, especially as the gateway of technology to the Middle East, will undertake many tasks in satellite manufacturing, launch and ground station works.

Turkey’s satellite market in near orbit will greatly increase significantly. In the first step, it is not about what the satellite is for or what sensors it is tasked with; the steps for countries that do not have satellites to acquire satellites and then develop in this regard will begin with the purchase of satellites.

While close and medium orbit satellites still provide benefits in navigation systems, mapping and intelligence, in the future, according to the prediction of the whole world, the role of satellites will be great, especially in wars. Satellite wars will be the main satellite acquisition issues for all countries, especially the MENA region countries neighboring Turkey.

Although studies on near orbit were initially initiated by TURKSAT, companies such as Planet, Gümüş Space, Hello Space and Küpsat, which are located in Istanbul Technical University, other universities and the private sector and started to make a name for themselves, accelerated their work.

Increasing government support for high-tech products will be a positive factor. Our companies such as Profen, Ctech, Neta, Panod, which currently produce and process high technology and develop technology in this direction, will take important steps in domestic national satellite manufacturing with the State Industrialist Cooperation.

What is being done in Turkey in near orbit will become clearer at the TURKSAT workshop. The workshop, which will be held at the Ankara ATO building on October 18-19, will host close orbit satellite studies carried out only within Turkey. You can see the details at www.simdi.turksat.com.tr.

Turkey has achieved growth in the satellite sector, employment creation and awareness in mass satellite manufacturing. This awareness has occurred not only in the manufacturing of the satellite, but also in the launch.

In the near future, Turkish Electronics Industry will have a strong structure regarding near-orbit satellite studies.

With its decision to take part in space programs, Turkey draws attention to the difference and importance of the concepts of satellite and space. The embargoes that countries where the technology exists still impose on many countries make the market even more important.

Studies carried out in near, medium and far orbits will not only guide strategic planning but also provide great benefits to the country’s economy.

All these studies not only serve agriculture, settlement detection, image supply, disaster, fire detection and earthquake simulations for humanity, but they also simultaneously contain threats with the development of the use of war techniques in this field.

Turkey is participating in the satellite market very quickly and effectively. It is announced to those who will invest and those who are interested in the subject.