Chambers and unions are of great importance in solving the problems of tradesmen

As in every sector, there are non-governmental organizations in the electronics sector that exist to defend the rights of tradesmen and industrialists and to facilitate their work. Unfortunately, people who work in organizations such as associations, chambers and unions continue their duties for many years. In fact, with change, new managers will ensure that new ideas come to life. The selection and change of new people during election periods will be good for our entire sector.

There is a telecommunications committee in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and it has been managed by the same people for years. I also took part there for a period, representing TUYAD Association. Despite this, the structure actually continues with the same person and people always existing. Unfortunately, for this reason, the service to the sector is not at the desired level.

We receive news that the same people are always re-elected in the Chamber of Artisans’ elections or their affiliated unions. Without questioning the reason, we continue to complain and regret about services that cannot be provided. NGOs within the Ministry of Internal Affairs are civil society movements that protect the rights of sectoral tradesmen. Candidate members are elected and serve according to the vote rate on the election day, according to the rules of the election system. If you think you are not receiving service, be sure to vote in the elections of the chamber, union or association you are affiliated with and become a candidate if necessary. Be a manager for a while, and then you will have the right to complain. Otherwise, you will have to accept that only people who are used to the same position and even make it their job are there and will always be there.

Unfortunately, not only in Istanbul but throughout our country, the heads of our Electronic Chambers are always the same person. Even though they sometimes use different names in the management, we always see the same person as the president in the end.

Unfortunately, in these days when our tradesmen are going through the most difficult times, our chamber presidents need to do their duties with new ideas and solution suggestions instead of habits. Otherwise, members who remain only within the dues mechanism have to believe that their duty is to pay dues and that the managers will always stay in the rooms only with their business cards.

You can aspire to govern the chamber you are affiliated with in the elections held every three years. Don’t think that once you become a candidate, all your work will be channeled here. There are already professional staff, you will only convey your ideas and the wisdom you receive from the industry in meetings held once or twice a month. You’re not going anywhere anyway, so spending time drinking a coffee will be enough.