“Neden Çocuk?” Has Taken Its Place on the Shelves

Hayrettin Özaydın’s book, “Why a Child?”, contains many questions about life. It took its place on the shelves with the label Kitap Kulübü Yayınları. While Özaydın explains that he started out with the question “How satisfied are you with the world you live in?”, he advises his readers, “They should read it before saying ‘I wish’.”

Hayrettin Özaydın spoke at the introductory meeting held with members of the press and explained that he discussed the question of why we want to have children. He said, “The voice I hear most in every environment is the voice of a child. As a result of long efforts, new individuals are brought to life. I wonder how satisfied these individuals are with their parents? And you? How satisfied are you with the world you live in?”

“Why do you want to have children?”

Özaydın stated that during the writing process of the book, he sought an answer to the question “Why do you want to have children?” by talking to his family, social and professional circle, and people he did not know. He said that he always encountered cliché answers such as: “I want to have a family”, “I want a piece of me to remain in the world”, “I want to keep my surname”, “I want to add meaning to my life”, “To meet social pressure”, “To save my marriage”. Özaydın argued that none of these justifications would ensure the peace and happiness of neither the parents nor the newborn child. He added the following to his sentences, “When you take the time to stop and think and listen to your own voice without fear, you will understand that there is only one reason and only you will be able to know it.”

“Why don’t you experience the sacredness of adoption?”

Writer Hayrettin Özaydın pointed out that even basic needs such as eating, drinking, shelter and socialization are difficult to access today. He asked, “What is the reason for bringing new children into this world at a time when individuals sometimes have internal struggles such as ‘why am I here, what am I doing?’. Özaydın said, “Why don’t you choose to be a new home for orphaned children who are longingly waiting for their new families in the relevant institutions? Or why don’t you consider becoming a foster family for children who are with their families but cannot lead a decent life due to financial difficulties? Why don’t you experience the sacredness of adoption?”

Proceeds from the book will be donated to the Child Psychology Association

Özaydın stated that all proceeds of the book were donated to the Child Psychology Association. He said that “Neden Çocuk?” will bring a new perspective and broaden the horizons of everyone who wants to have children.