Labor peace between employees may be disrupted by the latest minimum wage!

Our companies providing service in our sector generally employ assistants and masters. While the assistant receives minimum wage, the master receives approximately a quarter of the wage. In other words, TL 2,826 is paid to the assistant staff and TL 3,500 is paid to the master. The newly determined minimum wage figure is TL 4,250. In other words, the lowest salaries increased by 50%. Considering the same increase, the salary the master will receive reaches TL 5,500.

It is not possible for the electronic repair and service sector, which cannot find trained personnel, to survive in these salary ranges. Today, our TV manufacturers pay a total fee of 77 TL for the installation of a 65 inch television. Considering that the installation of this television can be done by at least two people, it seems almost impossible to pay the installation costs and salaries of two workers.

The expenses of small tradesmen are increasing day by day. However, the wage he receives remains constant and melts against inflation. At least 50% additional time must be added to service fees and road progress fees. Of course, since this situation will create an additional burden on TV sales, our manufacturing companies are also experiencing problems. Since the wages of workers in our manufacturing companies are at least the minimum wage, it will not be easy to readjust the wage scale of all employees and ensure that qualified staff and unskilled staff or those who will work for the minimum wage work in harmony with each other.

Unfortunately, especially in this process where there is almost no wage difference between workers, the respect and hierarchy of employees will also deteriorate.

Actually, there aren’t many options. As long as there is a problem of trained personnel, all sectors will experience this problem. We must support Vocational Schools and Vocational High Schools.

Labor peace can only be achieved through real employee-employer harmony and balance. The increasing number of foreign workers around will cause unregistered work and the depletion of already existing professionals.

Our greatest wish is to ensure workers’ peace in these days when our country is experiencing economic difficulties.