Generations X and Y would criticize virtual. Generation Z grew up with the virtual. Now, the last ALPHA generation seems to have already accepted the virtual life in the new living space, the METAVERSE.

People who used to greet each other without touching have now started to do their shopping and business online without touching. Like slaves in ancient times, today they will both operate and keep a virtual image alive on their own behalf.

First you make a high-quality digital proxy in minutes. Whether it is similar to you or not. Design this proxy suitable for both business and social areas.

The definition of this proxy; Avatar, MetaHuman Creator or the virtual you/the character that represents you.

We will recognize and adopt the streets, houses, workplaces, shopping malls and all other areas in virtual cities drawn on the Internet as the Metaverse or virtual universe. Don’t be surprised. If they had said 20 years ago that there would be internet and it would be impossible to live without it, the reaction to this issue would be the same as you have today.

People will live in a perceptual universe where they feel completely mentally, thanks to virtual reality devices, without making any physical effort. They will buy a house, earn rent and sell. Everything will be experienced here and exactly as it is in real life. Sometimes this order will go out of the system and what started in the virtual will end in reality.

This universe will include the matching, working and all movements of an artificial copy of a human being with all devices such as computers, iOS and Android, as in real life.

Virtual reality will prepare us as a first approach to all factors in real life.

Many people are already accustomed to living online. Now, one step further, we encounter a virtual world, the real use of virtual money, and most importantly, a new living space.

In the current examples, shopping, purchases, brand clothes, virtual meetings and everything else has already started to happen. Of course, the first step towards real contact, which is man’s greatest need, is taken here.

The first steps were taken with VR glasses. VR studies have been carried out on virtual worlds for 20 years. VR glasses, whose effectiveness has diminished from time to time, will now enter our lives in a more modern form.

A living and breathing virtual world is being created online. Cryptocurrency is also virtual. Everything is easier virtually and there is nothing to shy away from. Many people who are shy in real life will now be able to make new friendships and live different lives with the avatars that represent them in these META cities.

After we, as a society, decide to accept virtual things, virtual life and robots will always take up more space instead of people in reality. When I think about these issues, I always remember the hero Rıdvan’s battle with robots in Gırgır magazine. The world moves away from people and people become lonely. Whether we accept it or not. In the next 5 years, real estate prices in real life will compete with real estate prices in the virtual world, and even everything in the virtual world will be more expensive. It’s like Bitcoin or a work of art sold in the virtual world. In real life, no one would pay this much money for a painting.

The value of currency is virtual, our social hierarchy is virtual, and countries are virtual. Only these things are real because we believe they are real.

And the owners of the new world are software developers;

Billions of us aren’t struggling to understand how technology and the companies behind it are shaping our world, and what’s at stake as we rely on technology more than ever. They just do the same. In other words, the age of interaction governs the perception of all people.

We will all get used to it. It’s been developing very quickly since I first heard about it. Metaverse appears every day within the scope of a different project. Brands that have entered the Metaverse virtual universe are literally competing for space. I’m already starting to wonder if it’s time to take our place. Time and technology are changing faster than one can imagine.

Metaverse, which will represent a brand new era in human history, will begin to appear more frequently day by day. Even though we are very angry, we need to get used to it now and take our place there.

Metaverse will enable brands to reach millions of people around the world with their content more quickly and accurately, taking the internet age even further. There will be changes in every field. Metaverse will greatly improve the marketing and advertising industries. The walls of virtual buildings and shopping malls are already being formed and even their tenants are taking their places as candidates.

Do a little research, world giant brands are shifting their biggest promotional investments to this area. Maybe eighty percent of people in the world are unaware of it, but this field is developing very quickly. I can explain this speed with internet television, which is rapidly replacing antenna and cable in our industry. So, it is developing much faster than we thought, we should not be late.

The person currently investing the most in Metaverse is Mark Zuckerberg. He changed Facebook’s name to Meta. It is a huge step, it cannot be underestimated and must be strictly followed.

Cryptocurrency, NFT and token have been and will be elements that traders will be interested in and will be involved in. Remember how you interpreted e-commerce in its early days. Even if you object, you pay a lot of commission and stay there. What we need to do is to take our place in this virtual world before it is too late.