TV viewing options are in four ways: terrestrial, satellite, cable and internet. With the Internet becoming widespread and accessible, OTT (Over The Top), the most comfortable of the options, has become more preferred.

OTT is defined as watching media, all kinds of content and images over the internet without cables and antennas. Of course, your television must be compatible with this and remain compatible for a long time. The most well-known operating system in this regard, that is, the tool that allows you to watch broadcasts on your television without any problems, is the Android system. Google developed this system and offered it to our service, but it is not very innocent, in fact it contains a lot of commercial income.

Its rival, IOS, works more widely on mobile. While IOS is preferred for display on mobile phones, Android is preferred on televisions. When purchasing a television, it is necessary to carefully investigate whether the software hidden in it is licensed. In other words, a television produced by a company that has an agreement with Google should be purchased. Otherwise, future software updates may cause your broadcasts to become unwatchable and your television to become inactive.

Internet television has become more prominent with the proliferation of platforms. There are movies and TV series shot only for the internet. Now there are movies that we watch whenever we want and leave them unfinished and continue later. This comfort is only possible with internet TV.

Now, we will have much faster internet with fiber internet and 5G, the preparations for which have been completed in mobile.

The internet, which is still at the top of TV viewing options, is also the leader in platform subscriptions. This situation does not change both in our country and all over the world.

It is expected that all platforms will be broadcasting on the Internet in the next decade.

5G will be at least 100 times faster than the internet speed we use now, even in the worst geographical situation. Thus, we will have the opportunity to watch 4K, 8K and even 16K images in a very short time. So, high-speed internet will usher in a revolution in video streaming quality.

Media giants and the most well-known cinema companies will find a place on internet TV. We can see the closest examples to this with the applications that appear as shortcuts on our smart televisions.

With Smart TV, we will simultaneously get used to smart solutions at home. TV will become the operating system of the home. The entire electronic and electrical system will be managed by Google assistant with voice command. If you don’t want to miss this, definitely check whether there is a Google license when buying a smart TV. It is not very difficult to research this, the brand’s license can be queried on Google. As an easier way, you can ask us, TUYAD.

Viewer habits and TV viewing ratings can also be reported very easily from here. National channels are the service of governments all over the world to show the society as a social project. While subscription is required for other encrypted broadcasts and premium content, FREE IPTV broadcasts are offered to you without password and free of charge, through the simple application of your TV manufacturer.

When you think of OTT platforms, do not only think of internationally known ones. Each country’s own existing broadcast bundles transfer their services to the internet over time and are primarily preferred there. This also happened in Turkey. Although Netflix had an overwhelming subscriber advantage at the beginning, the local BluTV quickly became the leader.

OTT is a leader in many aspects such as broadcast quality, content placement and management.

In 2022 and beyond, the content industry will be faster and of higher quality. Platforms that cannot do this are in danger of disappearing and being left far behind.

OTT will mean the most economical use of the internet, offering not only images but also music, smart data collection and smart solutions simultaneously.