Satellite Wars

Satellite warfare and anti-satellite weapons began to be tested.

After the USA and Russia, satellite warfare studies were initiated in China and Korea. In fact, satellite-to-ground pointing, steam injection and the most common tracking systems up to 50 cm were already known and used models. While we only use satellites for TV and internet systems, many countries in the world have already started using satellites in war efforts.

In fact, we are against and do not support war because all kinds of war mean the end of humanity. However, if the system is moving in this direction, our country should carry out studies in this field.

It is observed that Russia, which has declared that it has tested satellite warfare and anti-satellite weapons, will be a pioneer in space wars. World giants who are interested in the militarization of space after land are planning to win the war from where they sit.

The USA established its space command years ago and is currently using it. They do not have a problem explaining their exercises in space wars. It is also known that they destroyed many satellites that were already finished in the space junk just for practice.

In the chase in space in the last decade, sometimes Russian and sometimes Chinese satellites have been defeated in space wars. Sometimes, US satellites get a chance to escape at the last moment. These news are constantly on the agenda of satellite and space scientists. Although there are experts working on this subject in our country, they are not given priority.

As Turkey’s Satellite Industry Association TUYAD, we are determined about the sustainability of space. Space belongs to all humanity and cannot be monopolized. Satellite wars will put the global sharing of space at risk. This poses a risk for all countries of the world. We definitely do not approve of human beings, who cannot ensure a peaceful life on Earth, taking wars to space.

The USA, Russia and China, which carried out these studies in the first place, should give up space warfare and weapons. Satellites should be used for human communication and service, not for war. Collaborative work should be done to help protect the freedom of discovery and use of new planets.