Support from Türksat to Local TV Channels

Türksat will apply a 50% discount on the uplink service fee of channels that receive satellite broadcasting service (uplink) and have a bandwidth of 2 Mbps or less. The discount will be applied as of November 1.

In the statement made by Türksat, it was stated that by applying technological developments in the television broadcasting sector, the company reduced satellite usage costs with MPEG-4 broadcast technology, which paved the way for broadcasters in the country to broadcast better quality at lower capacity bandwidths.

In the statement, it was noted that the company was preparing to provide another significant support to local television channels.

50% discount will be applied to the uplink service fee

Taking the exchange rate fixing practice, which has been going on for years, one step further in order to develop television broadcasting via satellite and support the channels operating in this field, Türksat offers a 50% discount on the uplink service fee of television channels with a satellite capacity  bandwidth of 2 Mbps and below that receive uplink service as of November 1. will start implementation.