Minimum Wage and Taxes

The minimum wage should be increased, but the taxes of industrialists and tradesmen should be reduced!

The employee’s expectation of a wage increase also concerns employers closely due to the high tax burden. Employees need to be paid a wage that will not keep them oppressed by inflation and maintain their level of welfare. However, it is essential to ease the tax burden on the minimum wage.

It is a fact that tradesmen and industrialists are experiencing economic difficulties under current market conditions. Millions of citizens working for minimum wage are waiting for the increase rate to improve in the rush to work and earn a comfortable living. The raise rate to be applied next year concerns employers as well as employees.

As an association representing the telecommunications sector, we are always in favor of spreading a happy and peaceful work environment to all employees of our country. It would be beneficial to take some precautions against price increases that make life difficult day by day. The demands of employees and the issue of increasing insufficient salaries, which the government has been expressing for a long time, are as important as reducing the tax and SSI premium burden on wages.

It is a fact that the time has come to ensure increase and prosperity. During this increase process, a certain improvement will be achieved in the salaries of employees. We also find it important that employers’ taxes are reduced at the same rate and that the applied income tax brackets are updated taking into account the announced inflation.Reducing the tax burden is very important in order for the increase rate to be applied to have a real impact on the employee. Otherwise, it is possible that there will be a decrease in the number of employed people.